Washed Activated Carbon

We are a renowned name as Washed Activated Carbon (MB Value 200, 250, 300, 350) Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat, India. The raw materials used for formulating Washed Activated Carbon are pinewood, and phosphoric acid washed having high degree porous value. Washed Activated Carbon that we offer has low impurities of iron, calcium and magnesium enabling soluble impurities to be removed at low pH when high purity is desired.


MB Value :  200, 250, 300, 350

Technical Specifications

AppearanceFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black Powder
Methylene Blue Value mg/gm.220 mg/gm.240 mg/gm.280 mg/gm.320 mg/gm.350mg/gm.400 mg/gm.450 mg/gm.500 mg/gm.
Iron Contents250 ppm250 ppm200 ppm100 ppm80 ppm70ppm50 ppm50 ppm
Ash Contents3% w/w2% w/w1.5% w/w0.5% w/w0.5% w/w0.5% w/w0.5% w/w0.5% w/w
Bulk Density260 g/1260 g/1250 g/1230 g/1200 g/1200 g/1200 g/1200 g/1
Acid Soluble Matter1.5% w/w1.5% w/w0.8% w/w0.5% w/w0.3% w/w0.3% w/w0.3% w/w0.3% w/w
Water Soluble Matter1.5% w/w1% w/w0.5% w/w0.2% w/w0.1% w/w0.1% w/w0.1% w/w0.1% w/w
Rate per Kg. Rs.--------