Unwashed Activated

Clients can avail Unwashed Activated Carbon in various grades from us. We are a prominent Unwashed Activated Carbon Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat, India. The Unwashed Activated Carbon, offered by us, is made from pinewood and coconut shell and contains low chlorine, and sulphate. Unwashed Activated Carbon is suitable to process in neutral or alkaline pH. However, Unwashed Activated Carbon is not advisable to be used in lower pH, as it may affect the quality of product.


MB Value :  200, 250, 300, 350

Technical Specifications

AppearanceFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black PowderFine Black Powder
Methylene Blue Value mg/gm. (min.)150 mg/gm.200 mg/gm.250 mg/gm.300 mg/gm.350 mg/gm.400 mg/gm.450 mg/gm.500 rnq/qrn.
Iron Contents800-900 ppm800-900 ppm700-800 ppm700-800 ppm600-700 ppm500-600 ppm500-600 ppm500 ppm
Ash Contents12-15% w/w12-15% w/w12% w/w10-12% w/w10-12% w/w10-12% w/w10-12% w/w10% w/w
Acid Soluble Matter7.0% w/w7.0% w/w5.5% w/w5.0% w/w5.0% w/w5.0% w/w5.0% w/w5.0% w/w
Water Soluble Matter5.0% w/w5.0% w/w4.0% w/w4.0% w/w4.0% w/w4.0% w/w4.0% w/w4.0% w/w
Rate per Kg. Rs.--------